Updated With Various Leaks - 2017-18 Kit Overview - All Leaked 17-18 Shirts

Following a number of new leaks from the different leagues and teams, we have decided to update this year's Kit Overview with all the latest leaks. The 2017-18 Kit Overview includes all leaked (and later confirmed) 17-18 football jerseys in one handy overview. In short, the 2017-2018 Kit Overview is the place to quickly see what the likes of Barcelona, Manchester United and Real Madrid will wear next season.

As always, the 17-18 Footy Headlines Kit Overview will be updated with the latest leaks, info and supplier changes as they happen throughout the 'leak season'.

2017-18 Kits - Top Leagues

Premier League

Crystal Palace-
Hull City-
Leicester City-
Manchester CityHomeAwayThird
Manchester UnitedHomeAwayThird
Stoke City-
West Bromwich-
West Ham-


Arsenal 17-18 Kits
Arsenal 17-18 Home Kit
Arsenal 17-18 Away Kit
Arsenal 17-18 Third Kit

Once again made by Puma, the German brand will mix up things a bit with the upcoming Arsenal 2017-18 jerseys. The Arsenal 2017-2018 home shirt will be a darker shade of red than usual, the Arsenal 17-18 away kit will be blue and, last but not least, the Arsenal 2017-18 third jersey will be inspired by the lights of London in the night.

AFC Bournemouth

The AFC Bournemouth 17-18 kits are set to be made by JD Sports once again.


Pending any contract changes, the Burnley 17-18 home, away and third kits are expected to be made by Puma once again.


Chelsea 17-18 Home Kit
Chelsea 17-18 Away Kit
Chelsea 17-18 Third Kit

Following a high-value Adidas contract buyout, the Chelsea 2017-2018 jerseys will be made by Nike for the first time. No details on the Chelsea 17-18 home, away and third kits are known as of now.

Crystal Palace

In the last year of a four-year contract, the Crystal Palace kits will be made by Macron for at least one more time.


Having signed a five-year kit deal in 2014, Umbro again produces the Everton 17-18 kits.

Hull City

The new Hull City 17-18 kits are expected to be made by Umbro.

Leicester City

Puma will make the Leicester City 17-18 home, away and third kits. No details on the jerseys of the 2016 surprise champion are known yet.


Liverpool 17-18 Home Kit
Liverpool 17-18 Away Kit
Liverpool 17-18 Third Kit

The Liverpool 17-18 home, away and third kits will be made by New Balance once again. While the Liverpool 2017-2018 third jersey is set to feature a garish and bold color once again, the home and away shirts will be red and white, respectively, in line with fan expectations.

Manchester City

Man City 17-18 Kits
Manchester City 17-18 Home Kit
Manchester City 17-18 Away Kit
Manchester City 2017-18 Third Jersey

For the first time in years, the Manchester City 17-18 home kit, made by Nike and sponsored by Etihad, will feature subtle maroon detailing. The Manchester City 2017-2018 away shirt will be dark red and the Man City 17-18 third kit will be grey.

Manchester United

Man United 17-18 Kits
Manchester United 17-18 Kit
Manchester United 17-18 Away Kit
Manchester United 17-18 Third Kit

Adidas has prepared great things for its third year in control at Manchester United. The Manchester United 17-18 third kit will be the first in club history to be based on a fan design, while the Manchester United 2017-18 home and away jerseys are set to be more traditional - red and black, respectively.


The Middlesbrough 17-18 kits are likely to be made by Adidas again.


The Southampton 17-18 kits will be made by Under Armour. Saints fans will hope for more traditional and clean designs in the US brand's second year with the club.

Stoke City

In the second year at the club, Macron will make the Stoke City 17-18 jerseys.


Under contract with Adidas until at least 2020, the Sunderland 17-18 kits again sport the famous three stripes.


Having taken over in 2016, Joma will produce the Swansea City kits for the 2017-2018 season.


Tottenham 17-18 Home Kit
Tottenham 17-18 Away Kit
Tottenham 17-18 Third Kit

Although still not confirmed, Nike is set to take over and produce the Tottenham Hotspur 17-18 kits. Given the unusually late contract finalization, the Tottenham 2017-18 jerseys could well be based on designs from the Swoosh's teamwear catalog.


One of just a few confirmed brand switches yet, Watford will leave behind controversial sponsor Dryworld in 2017-18 to get kitted out by Adidas instead.

West Bromwich

The West Bromwich 17-18 kits are likely to be made by Adidas again.

West Ham United

Umbro will again produce the new West Ham 17-18 home and away kits.

La Liga

Athletic Bilbao-
Atlético MadridHomeAwayThird
FC BarcelonaHomeAwayThird
Real BetisHome-
Celta de Vigo-
RC Deportivo-
SD Eibar-
Las Palmas-
Real MadridHomeAwayThird
Real Sociedad-
Sporting Gijón-


Almost certainly leaving Nike after the current campaign, Athletic Bilbao's 17-18 kits are expected to be made by New Balance.

Atlético Madrid

Atletico Madrid 17-18 Home Kit
Atletico Madrid 17-18 Away Kit
Atletico Madrid 17-18 Third Kit

Atlético will celebrate the move to its new stadium wearing Nike kits. Not a lot of details regarding the Atlético Madrid 17-18 jerseys are known yet, apart from the fact that they will use the new crest.

FC Barcelona

Barcelona 17-18 Kits
Barcelona 17-18 Home Kit
Barcelona 2017-18 Away Kit
Barcelona 17-18 Third Kit

Made by Nike and featuring new sponsor Rakuten for the first time, the Barcelona 17-18 home shirt is set to abandon this season's bright colors for a darker look. The Barcelona 2017-18 away kit, meanwhile, will be light blue. The Barcelona 17-18 third will be dark red.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 17-18 Kits
Real Madrid 17-18 Home Kit
Real Madrid 17-18 Away Kit
Real Madrid 17-18 Third Kit

Made by long-term jersey supplier Adidas, the Real Madrid 17-18 kits will once again display the brand's iconic stripes. The Real Madrid 17-18 home shirt will be white with teal accents, the away kit black and the third kit based on a design from Adidas' Creator Studio initiative.

Real Madrid 17-18 Pre-Match Shirt


New Balance is confirmed to continue as Sevilla kit supplier, at least until 2018.


Valencia 2017-18 Away Kit

The Valencia 17-18 kits are set to be made by Adidas again.


The Villarreal 17-18 kits will be made by Joma in the Spanish brand's second year with the club.


Bayern MunichHomeAwayThird
Hamburger SVHome + Away-
Hertha BSC-
Schalke 04HomeAwayThird
Werder Bremen-
VfL Wolfsburg-

Bayer Leverkusen

Small German brand Jako will produce the Bayer Leverkusen kits for the 17-18 season.

Bayern München

Bayern Munich 17-18 Kits
Bayern Munich 17-18 Home Kit
Bayern München 2017-18 Away Shirt
Bayern München 17-18 Third Kit

Made by Adidas as always, the Bayern Munich 17-18 kit will return to red shorts in a classic-inspired design. The Bayern München 2017-2018 away jersey will be dark blue and red, while the Bayern 17-18 third kit will be grey.

Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund 17-18 Kit
Dortmund 17-18 Away Kit
Dortmund 17-18 Third Kit

Produced by Puma, the Borussia Dortmund 17-18 home kit will feature hoops. Also new this summer, the Dortmund 2017-18 away and third jerseys will be black and grey, respectively.


The Borussia Mönchengladbach 17-18 kits are expected to be made by Kappa again.

Hamburger SV

Hamburg 17-18 Home and Away Kits

Once again made by Adidas, the Hamburg 17-18 home and especially the away kit will introduce less bold designs than in the current season.


Schalke 17-18 Home Kit
Schalke 17-18 Third Kit

Whereas the Schalke 16-17 home kit will get carried over into the new season, the German club will receive new away and third kits from Adidas in 2017.

Werder Bremen

In the last year of the current contract, the Werder Bremen 17-18 kits are confirmed to be made by Nike another time.

VfL Wolfsburg

After this season's Wolfsburg jerseys were teamwear-based, the Wolfsburg 17-18 kits are set to feature more individual and special designs, made by Nike.

Serie A

Chievo Verona-
SSC Napoli-


The Fiorentina 17-18 kits will be made by Le Coq Sportif who took over in 2015.


Inter 17-18 Home Kit
Inter 17-18 Away Kit
Inter 17-18 Third Kit

Nike will again make the Inter Milan kits, with the new Inter Milan 17-18 home kit set to stand out in particular.


Juventus 17-18 Home Kit
Juventus 17-18 Away Kit
Juventus 17-18 Third Jersey
Juventus 17-18 Fourth Kit

Having taken over at Juventus Stadium in 2015, Adidas will release four new jerseys for the Italian giant next summer. As with all of the brand's major clubs, the Juventus 2017-2018 third jersey will be based on a fan-submitted design. The Juventus 17-18 away kit will draw inspiration from the city of Turin.


Lazio 17-18 Home, Away and Third Kits

Lazio could unveil a new supplier to replace Macron for the 2017-18 season.


AC Milan 17-18 Home Kit
AC Milan 17-18 Away Kit
Milan 2017-18 Third Kit

After the last few editions were less than impressive, the AC Milan 17-18 home kit will see Adidas take inspiration from the 1980s and 90s. The Milan 2017-2018 away jersey will be more modern, while the third kit will be based on a fan design.

SSC Napoli

Kappa is expected to continue producing Napoli's kits in the 17-18 season.

AS Roma

Roma 17-18 Home Kit
AS Roma 17-18 Third Kit

Not a lot details on the AS Roma 17-18 kits, which will be made by Nike, are known yet apart from the fact that the red and yellow colors will be adjusted slightly compared to previous years.

Ligue 1

SM Caen-
Lille OSC-
LyonHome + Away-
MarseilleHome + AwayThird
Stade Rennais-


Puma will produce the new Girondins Bordeaux 17-18 kits as part of an agreement that's valid until at least 2022.

Lille OSC

New Balance will produce the Lille 17-18 kits, in the second season of a long-term partnership.

Olympique Lyonnais

Lyon 17-18 Home and Away Kits

Under contract until at least 2021, Adidas will make the new Lyon 17-18 kits.

Olympique Marseille

Marseille 17-18 Third Kit

Adidas will again produce the Olympique Marseille 2017-2018 kits. Perhaps coming as a surprise, the Marseille 17-18 third kit will be purple.

AS Monaco

Another major team to be under contract for a long time to come, AS Monaco's 17-18 kits will again be made by Nike.

Paris Saint-Germain

PSG 17-18 Home Kit
Paris Saint-Germain 17-18 Away Kit
Paris Saint-Germain 17-18 Third Kit

Paris Saint-Germain's 17-18 home, away and third kits will be made by Nike. So far only the PSG 2017-2018 home jersey has been leaked.

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