How to Have an Acne Free Face


Anyone who suffers from acne would love to be totally acne free face. Unfortunately, there is a huge market now for selling anti acne creams and anti acne products, and it can be difficult for someone with acne to know what product to buy, or even if any are really needed.


Many people end up buying one product after the other, and never really giving any one product a chance to work. Some products are full of hype and promise, yet they never really do all that they promise they will. Or, perhaps they promise results but you expect them too quickly, thus you give up using the product too soon.

Switching back and forth between products too quickly, means that you never actually give any time for any of them to work. It is actually just as simple to use natural products to achieve the same results as many of the creams that are advertised.

Natural  Acne Cures Result in Acne Free Skin

A perfect example of a natural product that will cure bad acne is lemon. Simply by squeezing some lemon juice onto a cotton ball, then rubbing it over your face or wherever you have acne at night, will immediately begin to help you overcome your acne. Just rub it on, leave it for around thirty minutes, and then rinse it off.

You can also mix lemon and rose water together, in equal amounts, and use that to apply to all the areas of your body where you have acne. Again, leave it on for thirty minutes and then rinse off.

Of course, no matter what tips you decide to try, or what acne skin care regimen you buy, the main thing is to stick with it for long enough to give it time to work. You should try it for at least two to four weeks, as it often takes about four weeks for any substantial change to occur.

Even once you see some changes, stick with it till you are acne free.

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