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In this time and being, we do need good equipment for everything. There are a great many factors involved in getting into shape and staying healthy. From a nutritious diet to good sleeping habits. But it is universally agreed that exercise is one of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle. Body Solid fitness equipment supplies many different types of fitness equipment to help achieve those goals. Making possible a range of fitness activity, from aerobic workouts to strength training. The company boasts lifetime warranties on all of its machines, and many are commercially rated.

When considering a workout routine, variety is a very important factor. Therefore, it is essential to dedicate proportionate amounts of time to both weight training and aerobic exercise. And not just focus on one approach exclusively. Body Solid presents lines of fitness equipment spanning from space-saving home devices. Such as, a sit up bench. For example, to weight training systems that can accommodate many users at once for a busy gym.



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Types of strength training system

A core part of any strength training system are free-weights.  Three variations of freeweights are offered by Body Solid: Olympic plates, hex dumbbells, and kettle bells. Kettle balls, due to their shape, offer a variety of exercises not possible with regular weights. As they have a more secure handle. Hex dumbbells have consistent weights and a solid and safe shape that prevents tipping or rolling. For the more ardent weight trainers, Olympic plates offer versatility and specific control over the amount of weight being lifted.

Body Solid also offers freeweight systems, for those looking for more versatile workouts, without the need for spotters. These typically have stacks of weights the user controls with a pin setting to adjust weight being lifted. The Fusion Weight-Assisted Dip and Pull-Up Station is an outstanding  option for upper body conditioning, using the weights of the Fusion Personal Trainer Gym. The system boasts thick Dura-Firm pads that reduce fatigue and discomfort. A lower-body option is their Leg and Calf Press Machine. It has a double-beam design to reduce stress on the ankles, and a pivoting press plate to provide versatility in workouts.

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