Some easy chest exercises you can do at home

Chest exercise

The chest is one of the major parts of the body, being the housing of very important body organs like the heart and lungs. It also has some of the largest body muscles. In order to keep these muscles well defined and toned, exercises are necessary.

There are two major chest muscles – the pectoralis minor and pectoralis major groups plus other smaller muscles. These major muscles help in burning a lot of calories, thanks to their huge sizes. One of the most common home exercises that one should do is chest exercises. The good thing about doing chest exercises at home is that you get to work out other muscles as well. This  includs shoulders and arms, therefore getting a total upper body workout.


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Three effective home chest exercises


There are three most effective exercises you can do to tone the muscles on these muscles at home. The first is bench presses with dumbbells which is done while lying on a bench. You will then hold dumbbells and push them straight up without locking your elbows. You should do between 8 and 12 repetitions per set, three to 5 sets per session. If you can do more than 12 reps, then you need to add weight to the dumbbells. If you can barely do 8, the dumbbells may be too heavy and you need to cut on the weight.

The Chest flies with dumbbells are almost similar to the bench press dumbbells only that it targets the outer areas of the chest. Pushups are also very important but easy exercises to do at home that tone the chest muscles to make you look appealing, be stronger and enjoy many other benefits of chest exercises. Once you get started with these exercises, they may be overwhelming at first, even painful but with time as the muscles grow, they get stronger and the exercises become something you get used

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