Tips for buying a Treadmill

Buying a Thread mill

The treadmill should be high on your list of favorite home exercise equipment. This machine will help you get in shape and help you lose weight. You should know at least some of the features that an electric treadmill can offer you because there is a big difference between all the machines you can find on the market. Treadmills differ in prices and features they offer and obviously both are highly related to each-other.

The engine

The motor of the electric treadmill is undoubtedly one of the key elements. It is the heart that lets the unit does it work, and the engine is the most expensive part to replace. Make sure you buy a device that is powerful enough, otherwise you burn the engine and replacing it can be quite expensive.

The more you use the treadmill, the more powerful the engine should be. If you plan to regularly use your treadmill, choose a device that has at least a 2CV engine. If you want to use it as a recreational device, than choose a device with a motor of 1.5 HP.


electric treadmill

The Walking Band

The minimum width should be at least 35cm, but the wider the running surface is the more comfortable you feel while running. The length of the band is also important to consider: when you grow up, or when you are running with long strides, it is necessary for you to buy a longer treadmill. The minimum length is about 1.10 meters. If you need a longer belt than choose a unit of about 1.50 meters.

The frame

The frame of the treadmill is usually made of steel or aluminum. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Steel is heavier and therefore provides better stability, but it can rust from water or sweat. Aluminum does not rust, but is more expensive than steel (which is also reflected in the price of the treadmill.)

Most electric treadmills offer more extras like built-rate monitors, training programs, etc. This is a nice bonus but you should not let your choice depend on it.

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