Tips on How to Treat Back Acne Effectively

woman with Back Acne

Before you can accurately treat back acne, you first of all need to understand what, in your particular situation, caused you back acne. Of course we have all heard the stories that it is what you eat, or because you do not wash your back enough, that you get acne. While there may be some elements of truth in that diet can affect your skin, and it is important to clean you back well, those are not the only reasons why acne appears.

woman with Back Acne


The most common age-group to get acne is adolescents, all the way up to people in their early to mid twenties. It is often precipitated by hormonal changes in the body that are particularly active during the adolescent years. Once someone is past thirty, usually an acne outbreaks will taper off.


Although eating a bar of chocolate may not cause you to have a back acne outbreak, the alternative of eating a healthy, well balanced diet may well be a key to having clear, problem free skin. Another key factor in keeping your skin acne free, is drinking a lot of water each day. This keeps your skin supple and well hydrated, and helps your skin to eliminate toxins as well via perspiration.


Recent studies have substantiated the reports that stress can play a part in bad acne outbreaks. While stress is not responsible for the formation of back acne, going through a stressful or overly emotional period in your life may well contribute to increased acne. While it is impossible to eliminate all stress from your life, you may find it beneficial to take up meditation or other forms of relaxation. It is also important to ensure that you get plenty of rest and sleep.

Skin Care

While skin care is an important part of controlling bacne, too much hard scrubbing can actually exacerbate the problem, and cause the acne to spread even further. There are several over-the counter anti acne creams that help people with acne, and it is well worth buying and using that on a regular basis.


Improving your diet should also improve the amount of vitamins you are getting on a daily basis. Even so, it may not hurt to take vitamin supplements, as especially vitamins A, B5, C, D, and E are particularly beneficial for your skin. If you are not sure what type of vitamins to buy, just ask your local pharmacist or doctor, as they should be able to help you make the right choice.


Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, the sun does not really help when it comes to healing bacne and it does not dry out pimples either.  In fact, some medication used to treat acne can actually cause skin problems if your skin is exposed to sunlight–this is particularly the creams or washes that include peroxides as ingredients.

While it is very disturbing and embarrassing for many to have back acne, there really is no fast cure for it. Instead, you may have to resign yourself that it will take time to treat your skin so that acne will lessen over time.  Usually, a combination of methods is the most useful for treating acne, including medication, medicated washes, good diet and good hygiene. If you do what you can in all of these areas, you should soon find that your bacne improves.

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